The project "Garden Cherry" was created with the purpose of introduction of energy-efficient autonomous modules for processing agricultural raw materials only 18 destinations. It is processing meat, milk, drying vegetables, fruits, production of jam, confectionary jam for a family farmer. The

The project “Garden Cherry” consists of two parts:

The first part is the creation of energy-efficient heating systems

 and the preparation of hot water for industrial and industrial buildings

civilian appointment.

The second part is creating autonomous energy-efficient modules

for a family farmer. Ability to modulate processing

 enterprises will create the means of production for

medium business


The production of the Ukrainian processing industry is large the energy per unit of output, and is not able to compete in the world markets

  • Expensive tariffs for heat and hot water
  • Lack of working places in the village
  • Great cost for connecting and building networks

     on traditional energy carriers

  • There is no alternative

Realization of the project "Garden Cherry" will allow to solve the problem of our target audience, namely:

Reduce heating and DHW costs (first part of the project):

  1. In multi-apartment buildings;
  2. Construction companies that are building industrial and industrial facilities civilian purpose;

  3. Hospitals, kindergartens and other objects of communal property;

  4. Enterprises of tourism industry;

Enterprises of tourism industry

  1. Family farmer;
  2. Modernization of existing processing facilities;

  3. Modernization of animal farms;

  4. Stand alone industrial refrigerators and freezers.


When developing an autonomous technology module, we used  the principles of smart engineering for production (SEP).

We propose to adapt the product of different manufactures into a new product from new properties. That can significantly reduce the distance from the idea

to the finished product.

         The processing of agricultural products using the energy of the sun as much as possible (in moderate latitudes), it is an innovative idea that is practically not used in world practice. With the help of the “GARDEN EXPENDITURE” project in Ukraine during the next 3 – 5 years to establish the release of goods with high added value. Using huge colossal reserves of Ukraine.



Our project “GARDEN VISHNEVY” is recognized  one of the best in Ukraine in 2017.

Team of the project “GARDEN VISHNEVY” (autonomous module for the processing of agricultural products) Became a Finalist of the Ukrainian Network Release Startup of Sikorskiy Chellenge Schools

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