The helium concentrator developed by us has a number of innovative solutions, namely: The geometry of the mirror reflective elements is designed in such a way that in relation to the sun, the mirror works in a solid array, and in relation to the effect of wind loads is practically “wind is transparent”. Also in the heat sink is a curved lens that additionally collects the sun’s rays and focuses them on the heat sink.

The sun tracking system is designed based on an

astronomical algorithm with constant correction.

By applying the innovations listed above, we were able to create

a system with a high efficiency (about 80%), low resistance to wind loads and low weight. The cost of the system is quite democratic

even for the Ukrainian consumer.

The proposed system produces per day 1000 liters

of hot water at 55 degrees Celsius.


The two-coordinate automatic sun surveillance system, with a system of protection against overheating of the heat carrier.

The maximum power – 3.8 kW (at 1000 W / m2 mph per hour) will be 3.8 x 1.231 = 4.67 kW.

The working area of the mirror is 4.7 sq.m.

Automatic system of heat-carrier circulation, cyclic.

Maximum temperature of the coolant – 95 degrees C (at the request of the customer 220 degrees C)

 Weight (with the floor) – 110 kg. 

Installation area – 1.3 x 1.3 m.


    Existing solar concentrators in the world have not been widely used due to their shortcomings. First and foremost, this is a high cost of equipment, difficulties in installing the structure, due to the weight of the system and geometric dimensions, weak resistance to wind loads.

Our team has tried to take into account the negative world experience by getting a concentrator with the following competitive advantages:



Lightweight design:

 The system’s weight, including a mirror, a concentrator, a tripod, trackers, is only 110 kg.


Ease of assembly:

 In any place, following our instructions, a team of two people can easily mount the system.



 Due to weight and size, the hub can be easily moved from one place to another, put on mobile technology, getting a great mobile power source.


Air permeability:

Thanks to the special design of the mirror, the wind freely passes through the concentrator, and only when wind gusts from 140 km-h trigger automatic assembly of the system.


High rate of efficiency:

Using advanced developments in physics and new materials managed to get high efficiency of the system.


Low cost:

The estimated price of the concentrator will be several times lower than the global counterparts.



Taking into account the above-mentioned competitive advantages, the sphere of application of SV-eco concentrator is considerably expanded.

In industry:

– In factories where hot water is required; 

– To ensure the drying of materials (eg, pelletizing or dairy plants);

– For washing various surfaces, for the hygienic needs of workers;


In agriculture:

– We are the patented project “Vodka Cherry Cherry”, intended for farmers in Ukraine and the European Union. Due to the low cost and mobility of the concentrator, the farmer can receive thermal energy from the sun’s energy directly on its site and use it not only for the preparation of hot water, but also for drying and processing their own products. Using a concentrator, the farmer does not need to connect to power grids, which reduces costs and cost of the product, as well as saves on the transportation of products to processing sites. In essence, any household having a concentrator turns into a mini-producer of environmentally friendly agricultural products.


In animal husbandry:

– In any place where the livestock farm stands, an unlimited amount of hot water can be obtained with the help of a concentrator. It does not require additional power and permitting procedures for connection. Now even in remote places of civilization it is possible to keep entire pasture for animals in ecologically clean areas, providing sanitary norms with the help of a concentrator.


In construction:

– Due to the low cost, the concentrator can be used to heat the living space, as in remote cottage settlements (in forests or mountainous terrain), as well as the entrances of high-rise buildings, since the connection of the concentrator does not require special permits, and solar energy for the inhabitants will be dispensed with in times cheaper than traditional sources.


In solar power plants:

– From SV-eco concentrators, powerful solar power plants can be built. At the first stage, heat energy will be produced, and in the near future a prototype of the installation that generates electricity will appear.


In scientific developments:

– A cheaper purchase of domestic energy from the energy of the sun will make a qualitative leap in many areas of science, first of all, in solving the environmental problems of our planet. In addition, cheap solar energy will allow us to move away from traditional sources of energy (oil, gas, forest), which will open enormous opportunities for all humanity.


In cooling and air conditioning:

– The energy obtained from the concentrator can easily be converted into cooling energy in the reverse cycle.


Directly in the Blocchein Industry:

– The prospect of using the concentrator to generate electricity will find its application in farms for the production of crippling goods. Developers of the SV-eco concentrator already have time and test models for converting solar energy into electricity. With the help of concentrators, the cost of extraction of cryptographics will be reduced at times, as computer systems will not require huge volumes of electricity from traditional networks. In addition, the team SV-eco have ready ideas for collecting heat energy earmarked by farms, and recycling it again into electricity. In essence, within one to two years, a closed system will be created that allows the farm to be located autonomously anywhere in the globe with a sufficient insolation coefficient, converting the energy of the sun and thermal energy from the farms themselves to electricity.


Adverse effects from the development of the concentrator:

– Any high-tech system in the process of its development gives a number of positive effects for related sciences. In our case, for example, trackers responsible for turning the system in the sun, can be used as turning devices for solar panels, increasing the efficiency of the latter by an average of 30%. This fundamentally new idea can be found in the shortest possible time all over the world.

Of the above opportunities, only the application in the blockade industry requires further elaboration. The rest of the same direction our team is actively developing already at the moment.

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